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When you visit our farm during the picking season, we will provide you one gallon containers to put your berries in. Please pick  until your container runneth over, and of course, you should taste a few as you pick! You can fill as many buckets as you wish. When you check out, we will put your berries in a bag for easy transport home.

Each gallon bucket you pick is $12. 

We only accept cash or check. 
Containers and Prices
Picking Tips
It is important to remember that blueberries grow in clusters and not all the berries ripen at the same time. One cluster may have ripe fruit, unripe fruit, and green fruit. So take your time when picking! This is especially true early in the season.

Blueberries begin to turn color before they are fully ripe. A berry may look ripe, but if the stem end is still green or red, the berry isn't ready yet! A fully ripe blueberry is a deep blue color, even near the stem.

• Again make sure you pick ripe berries, they will not continue to ripen after picking. 

When You Get Home
Open up your bag of berries to let them cool off. It is even better to spread them out on a towel, newspaper, or some pans to speed up this process. 

Recheck your berries and discard any berries with signs of decay, mold, or other spoilage. 

If you want to freeze your berries, wash them and then dry them out on paper towels before placing them in bags or containers in the freezer. 

You may also freeze your berries in a single layer on a cookie sheet and then pour them into an airtight container for storage. (Our preferred method.)

​We grow many varieties of blueberries on the farm such as: Tiftblue,  Premier, Climax, Austin, Alapaha, and Brightwell.

As with all farming, the harvest depends on the weather. Blueberries should be available around late May until mid July.